The Clades - The Basics


The Clades folk do not idly leave the protection of their civilized homelands. Their gods are unknown beyond their borders and their reasonably peaceful ways are not honored.

The Clades is governed by a theocratic council populated by the heads of the five (5) major religious sects. There are a few gods of the pantheon that do not have seats on the council however, those being the notably evil-minded deities. The individuals appointed to the council by their various religious orders serve as both the leaders of their church and the people of the Clades

The Clades is rapidly nearing the point at which they will no longer be able to support their own population. There are a few protected woods left but most lumber is gone. The land that is farmable is already used
to maximum potential. Magic, previously regarded as a dangerous and dark art is being tapped to produce what the Clades cannot, but to little effect.

There are a variety of solutions on how to solve this problem, everything from expansion to stricter population controls. However, the general peace and prosperity shared by the people of the Clades means concern over food and other goods is not yet at a tipping point.

The Clades is well developed and civilized and as such society and religion focus on civilization and self. Worship of nature or the elements is not part of life in the Clades.

Seers and star gazers have predicted full eclipse of the sun and both moons. This alignment has not happened in the history of the Clades. What this could bring is a topic of great debate among seers and scholars.


The Clades is a country located on a plateau firmly backed by a dangerous mountain region to the northeast and a swift great river to the east and south. The mountains are dangerous both for their climate and terrain as well as hostile creatures that have been driven back over the centuries as the people of the Clades have expanded. The western border is a fairly wide open, save for the a swift river coming out of the mountains to the northeast and spilling into the great river.

The Clades - The Basics

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