Scott's Vineyard

Scott’s Vineyard is a modest village of about 300. Founded in the year 800 P.F., by Melborgon Scott. Scott was a master vintner who discovered the soil in this land was perfect for growing his two preferred grapes. Now the town’s population is specialized in the farming of grapes and the production of wine. Scott’s Vineyard is known for two varietals. Neither named very creatively, though both are highly regarded. Scottsfield Red and Scottsfield White.

Scott’s Vineyard Map


There are five families who now own the bulk of the orchards. Each can trace their lineage in a direct line to Melborgon Scott. The charter established after the death of Melborgon Scott gives a permanent seat on the council to any descendant who owns land. Over time the farms were consolidated in to four large estates, but with the split of the Cadence land the council now seats five. The The five families are led by:

  • Melanay Scott (f.) – A widower not of the Scott blood line who runs her farm and speaks for seven year old daughter, Tabitha the heir to the land. She can often be found taking a hands on role in both winery and church affairs.
  • Tomas (m.) and Joriana (f.) Cadence
  • Arthur (m.) and Yolin (f.) Cadence – The Cadence brothers were each given half of their fathers land when he passed some thirty years ago. Now both are in their forties, neither as wealthy as their father. However, the family does have two seats on the council which gives them much influence. They are good men who treat their workers fairly.
  • Hamford Scott IV (m.) – also known as the Elder Hamford. There is no other Hamford in town, but at 75 he has earned the title. He is a stingy man who is often difficult to work for. Rumors abound that he plans to leave his farm to his favorite worker when he passes, as he has no children. You can place bets on who he picks at the tavern.
  • Linford Hayes-Scott (m.) – A bastard born young man from Arnim who inherited his farm from two years ago. Linford is handsome and charming. Unfortunately his farm is struggling due to his lack of knowledge, but he does try hard.

Town Safety

As things tend to be peaceful, the guard stands at a mere 10 regular men, led by a captain appointed by the town council. In times of need, like this recent outbreak of illness, the town relies on mercenaries, rangers, and adventurers to form a proper militia.

  • Boris Milgravey – The Milgravey family have long served as protectors of Scott’s Vineyard. Boris is the latest from his family to hold the title of Captain.

Life in the Vineyard

Each estate offers modest accommodations for their workers, but some workers choose to live in the town proper. There are several apartment like residences which take up the bulk of the northern part of the town.

The Winery – The largest building in town is of course the winery. Each of the five families employees one master vintner who resides and works at the winery. The back of the winery abuts a humble church of Klein.

The Church of Kein – The church also holds small shrines for each of the other excepted gods. All are well tended, except for the shrine of Vastus, which has long inhabited an old coat closet. The front of the church opens directly in to the town square and across from the tavern.

The Silver Barrel – The Silver Barrel is a very large and very successful tavern. It certainly helps that it is the only one in town. On the tavern sign, the aforementioned barrel is very clearly ordained with a four point star, the symbol of Dromvalen. Travelers are always welcome here, and the patron’s are not adverse to some friendly wagers. Don’t expect more carnal interactions, however, as the half-elf owner Cedwelyn Cedford runs a professional operation.

The Captain’s Quarters – In the Southwest corner of town are the town offices, but are more commonly referred to as the Captain’s Quarters. These serve as meeting place for the five families, home to the captain of the militia, as well as a temporary jail or barracks when needed.

Scott's Vineyard

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