The Clades

The Plague at Scott's Vineyard

The Origin of our Brave Adventurers

The below series of events was brainstormed as part of our initial character creation session. What happens next? Only our PCs can decide!

Day 1) First signs of plague.

Day 6) First death. 3-12 more showing symptoms. First messenger sent to inform and request aid from the Council.

Day 9) Village priest showing signs and stalling curatives are shown to barely keep the illness in check effective.

Day 11) Gustave arrives on unrelated business for the church of Vastus.

Day 12) Second and third deaths.
Milgravey is given absolute command of the village security by unanimous vote of the council. Town militia start turning away wayfarers and official travelers alike.

Day 13) 4th death.
Milgravey begins conscripting some new militia members. Most, like Yn’etta, are enlisted from lands outside the village. A small number are conscripted visitors who happen to be passing thorough, or healthy locals.

Day 14) 5th death. 37 infected.
A detachment of militia makes rounds of all outlying settlements delivering word that all sick should be brought into the town proper for more efficient healing.

Day 16) 8th death.
Villagers and workers not bed-ridden with the plague try to leave but are rounded up and escorted back to town by militia. The members of the town council and their families are notably absent. The local priest incapacitated by plague. Gustave tries to leave at night but finds too many watchful militia. Bertold and other envoys arrive in the area and get advance news from peasants around Scott’s Vineyard.

Day 17) At dawn villagers find barricades being erected.
Milgravey is pointing at outsiders as cause of the plague. But villagers, ill or not are still detained. Milgravey announces that envoys from Abertoran have arrived and rides out to meet them outside the barricade.

Day 18) Deaths: 17. At least 70 infected.
Milgravey lets the envoys into the village and promptly conflicts with them over the handling of the affair; kicks them out.

Day 19) Deaths: 22.
Envoys meet with Milgravey outside the village barricade hoping to repair relations through diplomacy. Milgravey tells his militia that the envoys are showing signs of plague, and orders them locked up in an outlying building when commotion in the village draws his attention. Yn’etta is part of the group which detains the envoys.

In village people are halfway to rioting demanding that the town council show themselves! Milgravey decries them as cowards who fled in the town’s time of need! As the crowds settles down as Milgravey retires.

Gustave and others stir unrest against the militia.

Ona, upon hearing these whispers, takes up a call for action. She can tell the militia mean the people ill, and to prove it begins to climb a barricade. She is shot with a crossbow bolt – activating her martyr bloodline. Panic ensues until Milgravey returns and orders the militia to subdue but not kill anyone caught trying to escape. Ona is spirited away by Gustave and her parents.

Day 20) Deaths: 33.
Predawn – Yn’etta and other dissenting militia free the envoys. Gustave scouts all the barricades, possibly with Ona and the find one that is weak, and another that isn’t well guarded.

Morning – Milgravey announces that the envoys are the enemy; that they are planning to burn down the village to kill the plague along with
everyone in it. Bertold convinces Yn’etta to resume her duties so they can get the barricade open from within. At least outside of the town square

Afternoon – Milgravey burns the empty building where the envoys were held but knows they escaped. Returns and announces that they are
lurking near to the village as he tries to play for time. Sends out
hunters to find the envoys.

Evening – Yn’etta makes contact with Ona and Gustave. They plans a late night meeting with envoys at the poorly guarded portion of
the barricade.

Late night – On way to meeting Bertold and other envoys attacked with casualties on both sides Bertold goes on to meeting alone. Here it is determined that Milgravey is dangerous, and must be stopped if the town is to remain peaceful until the army can arrive with proper healers.

Day 21) Deaths 48. At least 110 infected.
Ona and Yn’etta both spy preparations being made by Milgravey and his closest thugs. The share with Bertold and Gustave and come to the realization that Milgravey will try to burn the village.

Morning – Milgravey’s surviving hunters return to inform him that Bertold is still at large. Milgravey commits more of his dwindling men to find and kill him. Sends others to ready torches and pitch and round up as much lamp oil and other accelerates as they can find.

Gustave is working hard with villagers ahead of militia to gather all of these supplies as they can and barricade the Silver Barrel with them all inside. Ona works with villagers to make ready a way to quickly batter down the weakest section of barricade. Yn’etta goes out with hunters searching for Bertold.

Midday – Milgravey flees the town after setting his militia to burn the town. Hunters catch up with Bertold and Yn’etta and they kill/capture them together. Gustave must rally a defense against militia when they try to bust into the Silver Barrel searching for fuel. Emerging from the Silver Barrel the villages see their home beginning to burn. The militia are beating away anyone that gets in their way. Using her new found powers, Ona busts down the barricade and frees as many as can run but stays to help in the village.

Afternoon – Milgravey is caught less than a mile out of the village by a company of soldiers sent by the Council to maintain order while clerics perform mass-healings.

Meanwhile, back in town Bertold and Yn’etta come in through the breach to find Ona and a few remaining villagers and defecting militia in a skirmish with about 10 – 20 of Milgravey’s worst men.

Early evening – The heroes find themselves in a losing skirmish with trained warriors working together to flush them out. The Silver Barrel is on fire and they’ve barricaded Gustave and some other villagers inside it.

Just as they’re being overwhelmed the cavalry literally tears down the barricades of the town and begins the occupation and recovery of the village. The fires are brought under control before a real conflagration can happen, though several residential buildings and shops are gutted.


Slaader Slaader

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